OUR SERVICES Integrated communications solutions

We focus on the message and define the best possible way of communicating our customers' and brands' messages in a surprising and efficient manner. Our proprietary newsroom architecture enables us to compactly integrate content and messages into our website, or into our customers' electronic channels.

Public Relations

Our core competence lies within public relations. From the developing of messaging hierarchies, press releases, articles, blogs and channel activations we deliver on a variety of services.

Our newsrooms, is an own-development and can be adapted by any customer, integrated flawlessly within their website, even it is maintained by us on our servers.

Social Media

Social media marketing offers our customers the option of becoming a medium themselves and of building a network of relationships that reaches the reference groups directly.

We develop integrated action plans, take responsibility on content and content management.

Event Management

Its all about brand experience, we make a brand become alive and tangible. We design all kind of events, if its for B2B or B2C and we also develop promotion and guerrilla marketing activities.

Depending on the scope of work, we either implement them ourselves or make use of the experts from our partner agencies.

Corporate Communications

Successful corporate communication requires a sophisticated strategy. Successful communication means that our key messages reaches the stakeholder. But its more than about a raise of awareness, but more the share of voice, the share of influence and share of conversation.

We support your media work, corporate film productions and offer from CSR, change management to issue management a variety of services.

Influencer & Blogger

PRfact has a proven track record of successful Influencer and Blogger campaigns.

We plan, create and implement holistic long or short-term solutions with influencers and blogger cooperations.

Sustainability / CSR

Commitment in the field of sustainability/CSR (corporate social responsibility) for consumer brands is more and more a crucial factor of success. Integration of sustainability issues in PR, media, communication work and marketing is a strategic factor for successful brand and reputation management of companies, brands and products.

Open and transparent communication allows positive perception, strengthens confidence and credibility - in short: positive consumer relations.