Why stories fascinate us

Storytelling is not a new invention but as old as mankind itself. Our oldest ancestors have already shared experiences in the form of drawings on the walls of caves. Our most sacred writings tell us about circumstances that are thousands of years old. Initially only orally transmitted and finally written down, these stories fascinate and move millions of people to this day. Stories make us human. They allow us to connect with the world and with ourselves and bring meaning to our lives. Thus, storytelling is a form of mindfulness and contemplation, both with ourselves and with the world around us. As a communications agency, social media hostwriter, event promoter etc. we are surrounded by stories.

We bet you are as well!?

Why can we remember stories, the content of films and books for years while we have forgotten the latest figures and statistics? Quite simply because they stick to our memory better than facts. Since the earliest days of human evolution, our brains had not had to remember facts and figures for the major part, but rather visual impressions, environments and stories.

Stories are also fascinating because they have to be told consecutively and mostly work with existing elements. It helps our brains to absorb them better. Even memory trainers teach you to put large collections of information into a coherent story to help you remember it (read here how the Memory World Champion remembers 200 names in 15 minutes).

The greatest stories of our time are about values and opposites that speak to our primordial nature as human beings. Of good and evil, of love and hate. They tell tales of fulfillment and longing, of finding and losing. It's always the same ingredients that make up a great story. Whether it's Star Wars or Cinderella, Apple or Rolex, the story behind it is always fascinating, but also human and therefore familiar.  

Smiley face This is not a Rolex! This is 135 g stainless steel, a few moving parts, a round sapphire crystal and a hand-stitched leather strap. But what makes this watch truly valuable is its unique history: the places it has visited and the people who have worn it. 

At PRfact we strongly believe that good storytelling is one of the most important skills to learn in today's world. No matter which business we are pursuing, which campaign we work on or which social network is hip at the moment. We should invest more time and resources in good storytelling. Facts are usually forgotten quickly, but stories can live forever.

In today's world where everything becomes more transparent, we often feel that our story must be flawless to be shared with the world. We hide our history when it reveals our innermost self. If we tell ourselves we have to be perfect to shine. But being perfect is out. The boring passages are just as much part of history and as necessary as the climax, like the beginning and the end.

It is important that we tell our stories with a personal touch. In this way it becomes human and thus relevant for others. We know that every person, every product and every company has its own uniqueness deep inside, which wants to be found in order to be told. Our agency is passionate about finding this brand essence and developing tangible stories from it.