Ambassadorship Marketing (Micro-Influencers)

Besides classic public relations with influencers, we're focusing increasingly on micro-influencers. Who are your most valuable ambassadors? Employees (employer branding) and clients (consumer influencers) are your most important brand lovers. We design and develop sustainable programmes for your employees and clients in order to enhance the credibility of your message as well as to increase employee and client engagement. Or we can simply manage social customer relations in order to generate leads and conversions. 

For successful content seeding, we use a software that allows real-time monitoring, meaning that you will have access to your own brand dashboard at any time. This enables us to learn from the data collected and optimise the content.

In every case, we integrate your influencers in your owned-media activities and interlink all tools. 

Contact us via the contact page for an individual consultation. We'll be pleased to tell you what you should consider when dealing with your influencers, and to develop customised influencer concepts.