Crisis communications

With the correct preparation, crises can be well managed, and ideally avoided altogether. A crisis may even improve a company’s reputation. Particularly in exceptional situations, a communications strategy and the measures adopted as a result can influence a company’s image and decide its future – often within a matter of days. It’s worth being well prepared for emergencies, whether these are due to possible product recalls or other time-sensitive issues.

PRfact will help you to formulate crisis communication manuals, organise prevention workshops, prepare crisis communication plans, create scenarios and provide simulation training as well as ad hoc, on-site services. After a crisis, we can help you to identify any lessons to be learnt, to optimise your system, and to close any reputational gaps that may have arisen.


•    Monitoring, including early-warning systems
•    Formulation of crisis communication manuals
•    Scenario creation and damage potential analysis
•    Management coaching
•    Crisis simulation training
•    Crisis management
•    Media relations in crisis situations
•    24/7, stand-by service
•    … other