Influencer Marketing

By influencer marketing, we mean the short-term, integrated and decentralised communication of a topic relevant to you, such as an initiative, a campaign or a classical form of advertising via digital channels. In times when organic coverage is rapidly shrinking, suitable influencers can help to increase the added value and reach of your brand. It is important that there be congruence in terms of content, or rather that the two communities should be mutually complementary.  

Who sets the tone? We can look back on many years of expertise in working with influencers and bloggers. To identify the right influencers, we maintain our own database of more than 500 people. That figure increases every week. We include only those who pass PRfact's own quality test.

We distinguish between influencer marketing (tactical; short to medium term) and influencer relations (strategic; medium to long term). 

We'll be pleased to advise you on the success factors related to your influencer needs.