Media Management & Public Relations

Companies want positive publicity and journalists want exciting stories. Effective media relations reconcile the needs of companies with those of media professionals. Thanks to our daily contact with print, TV, radio and online media, we usually know immediately where a story will go down well, and with whom. We'll come up with an interesting angle on your story and continue to refine it, thus ensuring that it's noticed by the relevant journalists and media. We have developed our own newsroom, and can customise this tool to your needs. We're also able to integrate it directly into your company website, so that your story is positioned in the right place at the right time.


  • Establishment and management of media offices
  • Identification of media contacts
  • Target group-oriented approach
  • Newsroom management
  • Media events such as press conferences, journalists' breakfasts, roundtable discussions
  • Press releases
  • Background discussions or individual interviews
  • Coaching sessions for media appearances, e.g. TV debates or radio interviews
  • Press photography
  • ... other