Microsites & Content Hubs

Microsites play a key role in digital marketing for several reasons: with communicative accents, you can market your products, topics, services, tactical campaigns and so on efficiently, and separately from other content. Microsites complement the content of your extensive, superordinate website. You can thus offer your users information, interaction, and ultimately added value. And offer yourself more conversions and leads, as well as many other advantages.

We'll be pleased to expand these digital centres to create a long-term content hub, or to combine them with an existing one. A content hub is the home of your multimedia content. A place where fascinating information about your brand or company is shared, linked and recommended. We curate your articles, videos, infographics, etc. from the widest range of social media channels or blogs. These will show visitors at a glance which (user-generated) content is available, both nationally and internationally.

We'll be pleased to show you options and examples of how your next microsite or future content home can generate added value for you. 


  • Conception

  • Information architecture

  • Web design 

  • Consulting
  • Front-end and back-end via partners
  • Influencer relations