Social Media Marketing

Today, your clients and target groups are all on social media, which is why your brand must also adopt the best possible approach to the social web. Various questions need to be asked: On which platforms should you be active? Which content should go where? How can you achieve an optimum cost-benefit ratio with regard to outreach, engagement, leads, and so on? Which key performance indicators should you track? Which ones are realistic? How can you integrate social media in your communications? And how can this be scaled – or even turned to your financial advantage – in the long term? A specialised team, applying national and international benchmarks for your brand, is at your disposal to answer these and other questions.

We analyse, monitor and track brands, content and target groups in order to develop the best solution for you. We usually begin with a basic strategy, which we use to define the platform and content strategy that suits your resources. This serves as a basis on which we define editorial and community management parameters – which can also, if desired, include issue and crisis management. Anyone moving in the social web shouldn't be concerned only with positive reactions and comments. It's especially important to react appropriately to negative feedback in order to maintain your brand's positive image.

To ensure that your social media budget achieves the right effect and maximum reach, we regularly examine the latest developments in social advertising. We can either manage and oversee your budget directly or cooperate closely with the media agency of your choice.


  • Actual-versus-target analysis 
  • Strategy development

  • Content design, including production

  • Editorial and community management 24/7

  • Issue and crisis management

  • Social campaigning

  • Influencer relations

  • Social commerce concepts

  • Ad operations

  • Reporting