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Dominique Lauber

Thursday 29. April 2021

From strategy to implementation: This is how social media works!

The possibilities for marketing in social networks are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the importance of social media in the marketing mix has been growing steadily for years. So it's time to review your strategy and, where it's lacking, create one. What you should pay attention to and what mistakes you could save yourself, I would like to highlight in this article:


1. The only constant is change!

The social media environment is changing a lot and is subject to constant change. Networks are introducing new features like reels, lead ads, interstitial videos or chatbots. Companies have to ask themselves whether the current strategy is still up to date or whether, for example, the move to TikTok is worthwhile in the meantime after all. Therefore, the strategy should be reviewed 2-3 times a year.  

2. The metrics matter


Often, you want to address all kinds of marketing goals with social media: Increase awareness, increase sales, ensure customer satisfaction, inform customers, increase reach, branding and and and.
It is important that we formulate each individual goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed): For example, we want to sell 200 units of product XY by the end of the year. The CPO (cost per order) should remain below <= 5.- CHF. Thus we have defined two KPI's: Sales +200 and CPO <= 5. Now we can measure and argue on the basis of the data and have set clear guard rails and goals.


3. Automate, stupid!


Today, many processes in marketing can be automated. Be that reporting, A/B testing ads, answering customer queries or publishing posts. What makes sense to automate? It’s worth considering to automate those workflows that are repetitive, standardized and time-consuming. The possibilities here are almost endless today, especially since there are more and more third-party tools that take over subtasks of social media marketing.


4. Test test test!


Similar to Corona, he who tests wins! For example, the performance of individual text elements as well as creatives of ads can be tested using AB or split testing. Thus, the performance of the ad combinations can be determined and the campaign can be optimized accordingly. Ads on different networks need to be compared, different target groups and creatives need to be tested to create the best possible outcomes. Yes, even different creatives needs to be tested regularly. This requires a testing budget, but it's well worth it as it can massively increase the results and efficiency of a campaign. So, never stop testing and you will win!


5. Sharing is caring

Share your results and insights with the rest of the company, especially with management, on a regular basis. Let them see the success and learnings of your marketing activities. This is the only way that the entire company, including management, can appreciate your efforts and support your decisions. Also, the company as an organization learns a lot about its community, about the acceptance of campaigns and about customer behavior. A dashboard that displays data from campaigns and networks in real time could help. Either way: Share the results and you'll be met with acceptance and constructive input. 


6. Think of your target audiences as real people

Define person-related (demographic, socioeconomic, psychological) criteria as well as the behavior of your persona. This way you specify your targeting and minimize wastage. While doing so, also ask yourself the following: When and why do they use your product or service? Which brands does your target group also follow? Where do they move, etc.?

We will be happy to offer you further tips on developing a social media strategy, reviewing your existing strategy or creative suggestions for expanding your social media marketing on request. Our team has a broad know-how and many years of experience in social media marketing. We are looking forward to hearing from you.