Rolling barrel

Support for the opening of the Provins boutique in Europaallee


Valais comes to Zurich: Support for the opening of the Provins boutique in Europaallee.


A wine barrel rolls from Valais to Zurich and arrives at the Provins Boutique in time for the grand opening ceremony. The journey is captured on camera and then shared on the digital channels.


Guerrilla action in the middle of Zurich: With a hidden camera we accompanied a remote-controlled wine barrel from Sechseläutenplatz to Europaallee and recorded the reactions of the astonished passers-by. We then sent the footage to local media and distributed it via social media. In advancel: Setting up the social media channels of the Provins Boutique and community building.


1000+ astonished passers-by
200+ surprised guests at the opening ceremony
1000+ new fans on social media channels
130% higher engagement rate